6xW signs Route-To-Market with Lug Healthcare Technology

6xW signs Route-To-Market services agreement with Lug Healthcare Technology, based in Madrid, Spain. The object of this agreement is the provision of sales and marketing services comprising commercial advice and activity that LUG requires in opening the UK market for its Chemotherapy Care suite of products. This suite comprises Traza, EPA, OncoKids and Trials. The services agreement is specific to finding a NHS Trust that will cooperate with LUG for a First of Type (FoT) to facilitate and validate the system for NHS use. Subsequent to this activity will be the opening of the NHS and Private Healthcare markets for all LUG products.

Nick Wrinch, COO 6xw Ltd said, “This is a real step forward for 6xW. Naturally, we are highly delighted to have Lug commit to our Route to Market service for their product entry into the UK healthcare market”. The suite of Lug products is unique to cancer care in eliminating medication errors, thereby, guaranteeing patient safety with the true potential to safe costs. These are key to the current 5-year strategies of the NHS, and therefore, should be well received.

See Route-To-Market at http://6xw.co.uk/advancing-data-intelligence-healthcare/route-to-market/

Santiago Molins, Senior Director – R&D, said of 6xW – “After working with 6xW before signing this agreement, it was clear that 6xW had the right level of expertise and knowledge in the UK Healthcare market. Therefore, this was a straight forward negotiation for Lug to take advantage of their enthusiasm and professionalism to introduce us and our products into the UK market. We look forward to a very productive relationship that will eventually gain our entry into the NHS”.


6xW’s aim is bring innovative solutions Advancing Data Intelligence, based on ‘Open’ and ‘Interoperable’ platforms. The User Experience, plus the Mobility and Analysis of Data are now vital in taking advantage of the structured portfolio of platforms at our disposal. These platforms provide added-value extensions to Data Asset Management with modules allowing greater analysis, process workflows and distribution that answer our client’s vision.

Lug Healthcare Technology specialises in developing comprehensive ‘Traceability Solutions’ to ensure safety, efficiency and assured quality that eliminates ‘Errors’ whilst ‘Reducing Costs’; guaranteeing safety of patients, professionals and the correct and unequivocal administration of Cytotoxic Drug treatments, within Chemotherapy Cancer Centres. Lug solutions have delivered approaching 1 Million cancer drug doses with zero errors.

Visit Lug Healthcare Technology for their suite of products at www.lughtechnology.com 

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