‘Llogic’ – A tablet-based Patient Assessment and Observation Platform

‘Llogic’ a tablet Patient Assessment and Observation platform for Healthcare markets, based on tablet technology, financed through  the Technology Strategy Board and the Welsh Government, to examine the potential usage of mobile technology within a ward environment with functionality to improve process, avoid repetitive data handling, reduce risk and automate key management functions.

6xW and Partners delivered a suite of applications enabling key clinical staff to spend  up to 20% more of their time on patient care with improved efficiency, by:

  • Using a tablet based ‘shareable’ application with access to core hospital systems
  • Capable of Integrating with legacy systems, such as (but not limited to) MPI, PAS and EPR
  • Designed to emulate existing paperwork, reduces duplication and automates processes
  • Significantly reduces the risk of error and omission
  • Designed to be ‘easy to use’ and provides a uniquely intuitive user experience
  • A ‘paperless’ ward support solution
  • The ease of deployment reduces training time.

Existing functions include: 

Admission, re-Admission, Nursing Assessments, Observations, Medication management, Notes, Requests, Patient Records, PEWS, Glamorgan, STAMP, Bed management, nursing handover, Transferring/Discharging, provides a Ward Dashboard display and allows sharing of patient data among Professionals and caring Social Groups.


The Llogic Advantage….

6xW developed Llogic with our Partners. The application and its purpose built NHS ‘Interface’ is a class leading development that comprises an integrated suite of mobile clinical workflows and data entry applications that effectively enhance the work of medical professionals and support services across the healthcare sector.

Llogic facilitates migration of existing workflow and processes into a digital paperless environment and proven to enable clinicians to spend up to 10% more time on patient care, reducing risk by reducing duplication with automated processes resulting in enhancing patient outcomes and safety whilst reducing costs. Further tests suggest that the increase in patient care time can be increased by up to 20%.                                      Medical-Slate-2

Llogic runs on Windows 10 platforms and via a web browser within a hospital or ward WiFi network, it is easily compatible with existing Microsoft and other technology stacks.  Llogic also integrates easily with existing hospital systems, such as (but not limited to) MPI, PAS and EPR. The inbuilt interfaces enables migration from legacy to new systems without change being apparent to the end user.

Logic also provides infrastructure management and exceptional auditability to streamline operations, reduce liability and facilitate compliance with all 7 Pillars of Clinical Governance.

a patient record being updated on a tablet

chi modules

The range of capabilities are briefly outlined below:

  • Complete ‘Open’ Healthcare interfaces
  • Capability to Integrate with existing MPI, PAS, EPR, EPMA, other systems subject to availability of APIs
  • Workflow support
    • Observations and Assessments
    • Medication management
    • Alerts (automated and manual)
    • Records NHS treatment codes
  • Efficiency and savings
    • Streamlined data entry
    • Reduction in repetition
    • Automated outputs
    • Automated test requests
    • Integration with BNF
  • Audit
  • Risk reduction
    • Handovers
    • Legibility
    • Pharmacy checks
  • Compliance and insurance reduction
  • Communications (auto bleep/email to augment bleep/via tablets/Lync)
  • Patient Status Board
Expanded functionalities under investigation include:

 Clinical Decision Support:

  • Integration with Bluetooth devices
  • Conflict highlight
    • Between prescribed drugs
    • Between drug and patient
    • Complex contra indications ie HR + BP = Alert
    • Automated PEWs, Glamorgan and STAMP Alerts
  • Automation of Nursing Assessment, treatment protocols and care plans, as workflow
  • Integrated diary for medication plans