Data Asset Management

6xW digital-asset-managementspecialises in Data Asset Management solutions, with a team of developers that are experienced in market leading ‘Open Source’ platforms of choice providing data mobility and extracting valued intelligence with purposeful design.

Working with 6xW will enable clients to become knowledgeable in our platforms, and, to analyse the ways to create a solution; understand the configuration and development specifications needed to optimise the end solution’s performance. This will go a long way towards the success of your project.

Recognise these ‘Barriers’ facing your Industry?

  • Moving ‘Big Data’ between Users, Legacy systems and Data centres
  • Cost of processing, maintaining independent workflows and storage
  • Perceived loss of control (security or invisible metadata)
  • Service levels / Service outage / operational cost reduction
  • Hefty Integration projects
  • Lack of suitable software or multiple software “islands”
  • ‘User Interface’ compromised across roles
  • ‘User experience’ impacted
  • Considering a brand new architecture? – expensive to make the leap?
  • Skills shortage

Can Enterprise learn from the Broadcast industry?

The Ooyala’s technology stack now extends video production and business data, post-production, digital content services, planning and media management to deliver Linear TV, OTT and On Demand content. Business transformation is moving in the same way that media delivery and monetization solutions are transforming into more open, modular, cloud-based systems.

Features designed to deliver:-

  • Seamlessly ingest Business Data and Media
  • Customised Matadata, Layout (Forms), Workflows and Analytics
  • Integrate legacy applications using proven APIs (Plug-ins)


Employee on-line channel

Corporate TV/OTT Anywhere

Create TV, OTT and VOD online Channels for Employees on PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.

  • Envigorate corporate promotion and communications
  • Reorganise audio-visual archives and Company catalogues
  • Content that is Centralised, Controlled and Searchable
  • Secure and Managed access policies
  • Access Training via the Corporate Channel
  • Scheduled or Unscheduled Content Portfolios
  • ‘Analytics’ to assess ‘viewing’ habits, and more…

Get you Messages accross!

Channel for Training & Briefings

Corporate communication and messaging is useful to develop awareness on mandated topics. 

Using posters, e-mails, or dedicated meetings?… Why not create a ‘Training Channel’ or VOD program for staff to ‘view’. Then assess how, when & where your communications / messages are being ‘viewed’. Determine validation and engagement  with direct feedback by using integrated Analytics.

Custom Metadata, Workflows, UI

Regain Process and Control of ‘Big Data’

The expansion of ‘Bid Data’ continues to challenge existing processes and efficiencies.

A New Generation of Business Data and Media Asset Management systems, chosen by 6xW, changes the paradigm with Cloud based solutions are truly End-2-End and fully integrates with existing silos, whilst keeping continuity of workflows,expands control and use over data with powerful metadata platforms.