Advancing Data Intelligence

6xW offers a portfolio of partner platforms, tools and applications to enable organisations to manage, analyse, control and leverage their digital assets to capitalise on  ‘Big Data’.


Digital Healthcare

Developing integrated solutions and Proof of Concepts for Healthcare. 6xW focus is on legacy integration, mobility, data analysis and intuitive user experience, based on Open Standards and Interoperability.


Route to Market

The 6xW team have a wealth of knowledge & experience in sales planning, management and execution and is offered as a service to de-risk a company’s Go-To-Market aspirations requiring positive representation.

Our Platform Partners

Our Development focus…

6xW focus is Advancing Data Intelligence by developing and integrating applications for ‘Big Data’ environments based on ‘Open Source’ Content Management platforms.

The user experience and mobility of data, together with, the analysis of data is key in bringing; a structured portfolio of partner platforms that provide added value extensions to Content Management, these applications interface with core modules allowing greater analysis, process or distribution with their distinctive tools, features, attributes and ultimately benefits for the client’s solution.

Our Tailored Services…

6xW offers a ‘full service’ capacity for the design and development of mobile, web-based applications and integration services for back-end systems. A specialist in content management, data-centric analytics, location-aware applications that capture data at the point of engagement aimed at advancing data intelligence.

Our core philosophy is as follows:

  • Project Management & Strategy – Our understanding of business requirements and target customer behaviour determines how the latest technology can be leveraged to provide the right data at the right time.

  • Agile Development – Our use of the brightest, most talented developers in the industry, adds to our specialist teams having the expert technical experience and knowledge of all mobile and web platforms.

  • User Experience Design – Our translation of project requirements into beautiful, engaging experiences, from the initial creation of wireframes and user journeys through to the final design solution.

  • Testing & QA – Our testing covers UI, functional compatibility, accessibility, network security and performance testing on a full range of physical devices.

  • Prototyping – Our rapid development of proof of concepts to de-risk and refine design decisions, by providing early visibility to the final product ensuring a successful launch.

  • Launch & Support – Our priority is to remove the hassle of distributing your applications across multiple platforms.

The Management Team with many years of complex opportunity and sales management experience combined with a customisation operational CRM system (Salesforce.com) to work smarter, 6xW offers to work with their client’s aspiration to:

  • Develop and implement a Go-To-Market strategy
  • Plan & Execute market awareness activities
  • Represent the Client’s Product or Services
  • Provide Account Management
  • Provide Opportunity Management
  • Deliver professional sales management and reporting
  • Offered in Three Phases
  • Access to a world class CRM system
  • Within UK/I and Europe

Our Products…

Electronic Patient’s Record
A Tablet Application
By 6xW
Patient Records and Data being used by a nurse

Tablet based Electronic Patient Records Interface

Financed by  the Technology Strategy Board and the Welsh Government, to examine the potential usage of mobile technology within a ward environment with functionality to improve process, avoid repetitive data handling, reduce risk and automate key management functions. 6xW in partnership with Alazen and Staircase 13 delivered the objective to enable key clinical staff to spend an additional 10% of their time on patient care and improving efficiency.


Digital Asset Management
for the Police Force
By 6xW
Advancing Data Intelligence in Digital Asset Management applications

 Digital Evidence Box (DEB)

Digital Evidence Box (DEB) is based on ‘open source’ Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, which allows our clients to benefit from on-going developments in digital asset management and the flexibility that would not be achievable using pure proprietary software. Digital Evidence Box ingests, manages and handles the storage of body worn video and all other types of digital media. The DEB platform can be either on-premise or cloud based.