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Our Aim

6xW develop innovative solutions advancing data intelligence, in addition to sales and marketing support via our Route-To-Market program. Our products, and those of our clients, are researched, designed, developed and managed for their unique deliverables especially to address the Healthcare, Law Enforcement and Fintech markets. The essential guide to success is to seek future digitisation projects involving key business drivers most relevant to developing 'Big Data' and Legacy replacement or augmentation. 

Consequently, the User Experience in addition to the Mobility and Analysis of Data are vital in taking advantage of the structured portfolio of platforms we manage, in providing added-value extensions to Data and Media Management.

As a result, delivering on the Key Performance Directives of the client.

Platform Partners

6xW Markets

Data Intelligence

6xW offers our clients innovative solutions to Advance Data Intelligence with a portfolio of platforms. These platforms are chosen for the tools and application features that enable organisations to manage, analyse, control, visualise and leverage their core business data and digital assets. This is the future digital landscape, so this requires organisations to capitalise and leverage 'Big Data' with scalable workflows and real-time visualisation to identify process improvements, thereby, creating greater efficiencies in delivering valued feedback to the client/user.

Digital Healthcare

6xW is experienced in developing integrated tablet-based solutions for greater data mobility in Healthcare. For that reason, digitisation of manual processes requiring detailed legacy data integration, mobility and workflow analysis is inherent in our designs. Together with, applying an intuitive user experiences, in order to gain rapid adoption. All developments are based on Open Standards and Interoperability.

6xW Developments

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    Digital Asset Management for the Police Force by 6xW

    Digital Evidence Box (DEB) is based on 'open source' Digital Asset Management and Analytics Technology software, therefore, allowing our clients to benefit from on-going developments in digital asset management. Due to this approach, adding greater flexibility that would not be achievable using pure proprietary software. DEB ingests, manages, analyses and handles the storage of body worn video and all other types of digital media. The DEB platform is available either on-premise or cloud based.

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    Tablet Solution for Assessment and Observation by 6xW

    This was a 6xW development, financed by  the SBRI and the Welsh Government, examining the potential usage of mobile technology within a ward environment. The application especially features functionality to improve process workflows, avoid repetitive data handling, reducing risks and automates key functions, therefore, improving efficiencies. 6xW and Partners exceeded the challenge objective by enabling clinical staff to spend more than 10% of their time on direct patient care by improving efficiencies and adding workflow automation.

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    Innovative Digital Solution to 'Future-Proof Coding'

    6xW submitted “a Proof-Of-Concept (POC) study” and built a 'Demonstrator' for the BCUHB SBRI Challenge 'Patient Data Revolution'. This provided information, evaluation, implementation guide and roll-out of our proposed Data Capture Gateway.

    Productivity through a ‘digital workflow’ was the objective, designed to use off-the-shelf OCR and our bespoke CHR (Cursive Handwriting Recognition) to convert 'off-line' text and 'cursive' hand-writing. Then relevant ICD-10, OPCS-4.7 and SNOMED coding data was extracted automatically. Subsequently, automated classification of Episodes was enabled using Machine Learning, Neural Network algorithms, ‘statistical’ and ‘deep learning techniques. Thereby, eradicating the reliance on handwritten documents through ‘digitisation’.

6xW Route-to-Market

Client Sales Services

6xW Route-to-Market programme supports the client by providing advisory services for their market entry product strategy, in addition to, promoting growth by assisting the client's marketing of products and services.

The programme starts with an agreed Go-To-Market plan, that may include any of the following:

  • Recruitment, Management and Development of a sales team
  • Prospect profiling, sales engagement, sales activity planning, CRM Management
  • Identification of new business opportunities and commercial assistance during the procurement processes.
  • Creation of UK promotional materials.
  • Assistance in identifying conferences and exhibitions to aid the marketing of products.
  • Preparation and participation at events and other corporate communication activities
  • Assist with preparation and presentation of proposals to potential clients and third parties

6xW applies the many years of complex opportunity and sales management experiences combined with an operational and customisable CRM system ( enabling swifter and smarter ways-of-working to achieve goals.

6xW Client Products

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    Eliminating Errors in Cytotoxic Administration

    Lug Healthcare Technology, a Spanish company specializes in developing solutions of traceability, safety, efficiency and quality for hospital pharmacy processes involved in cytotoxic cancer care. The goal is to guarantee patient safety by preventing medication errors in real-time and with 'active and passive' auditability enabling the correct and unequivocal administration of the prescribed treatment. Lug solutions have been implemented in a growing number of cancer care centre and are now reaching 1 Million cancer doses without errors passing to the patient.

    A video of the Lug solution can be viewed here 

    Access to the Lug website can be viewed here

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    Assure Hedge Currency Hedging Tools

    Assure Hedge is on a mission to provide currency confidence for all by offering businesses the same currency hedging tools as the multinationals use. Based in Dublin, our team’s exceptional trading, regulation, and technology experience simplifies the process ensuring it is quick, convenient and secure for our customers.

    A video fo the Assure Hedge solution can be viewed here

    Access to the Assure Hedge website can be viewed here

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